Because There's More

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.
1 Chronicles 4:10

Letter from Pastor Justin Mitchell
Letter from Pastor Justin Mitchell

You have no idea the good things God desires to bless you with. When many people hear this statement they immediately begin to think of material things, but God has so much more for you. Our mission as a church is to help you experience a relationship with Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

This page is designed to be a basic outline for what God is calling our church to over the next 3 years. Our primary goal is that 100% of our church family would join in this vision of reaching more souls, deepening your relationship with God through discipleship,  experiencing more of His presence, love more people through outreach, and expanding territory for the kingdom of God in our local community.

Now is the time to stop settling. Now is the time to be gripped by purpose. Now is the time to pursue God like never before.

Because there’s more,
Pastor Justin Mitchell

Vision Video from Pastor Justin Mitchell

Make A Commitment

You have a part to play in experiencing the more that God has for you. Our primary goal is to see 100% of our church family committed to more souls, more discipleship, more presence, more outreach, and obtaining more territory for the kingdom of God. We invite you to prayerfully consider making a 3 year commitment as we strive to reach one more soul, disciple more people, launch Turning Point Christian Academy, experience the power of the Holy Spirit, and more.

More Souls
More Souls

We are challenging each individual in our church family to lean in to individual evangelism. Who is your One More? Who is your one that God is calling you to invite to come sit with you at church, share your faith, or the love of Jesus with?

Turning Point will hold Soul Winning Sundays through out the year where the Gospel will be preached. Soul Winning Sundays will be announced to give you the opportunity to invite those far away from God to come sit with you.

Turning Point now offers free rides to church on Sundays for people located in the city limits of Jesup. To schedule a ride, call the church office, and a staff member will add you to an online database. The directors of our Bus Ministry will contact you.

In an effort to reach one more, Spanish translation of the sermon message will be offered soon at our Sunday services at 10:30AM. Those in need of the sermon message translated into Spanish will simply download the Turning Point app and choose Turning Point Espanol. This will direct you to download the app used for translation. Please note earbuds or headphones will be needed for this experience.

One of our major Soul Winning Weekends to reach one more will be Easter weekend. On Good Friday, we will present a dramatic presentation titled At the Cross. This experience will be for the entire family to see and remember the crucifixion that Jesus endured for our sins. On Resurrection Sunday morning, we will celebrate that the tomb is empty at all campuses with multiple services offered. We encourage you to make the most of the services by inviting your One More.

We will also be increasing the paved parking to make more room for future families and souls to attend Sunday services.

More Discipleship

Our desire is to see families praying together, and reading God’s Word together on a consistent basis. On Family Sunday in January, Pastor Justin Mitchell challenged families to begin by learning the 10 commandments and discussing as a family.

To become disciples, we must be intentional by joining a TP Group. TP Groups allow you the opportunity to study God’s word with other believers. TP Groups help deepen your faith with Jesus and with other believers.

This year we will launch Community Group Gatherings that meet through out the year for men, women, and senior citizens to gather together for fellowship.

A major component of discipleship in the book of Acts is fellowship. One of the missing features with our facilities is the ability to gather together on a regular basis with people for fellowship. A major part of our facilities vision is to expand our foyer space by adding an additional 8,000 sq ft facility that includes space for fellowships, cafe, baptisms, and offices.

One year ago Pastor Justin Mitchell shared the vision of Turning Point Christian Academy. Our school committee is working hard behind the scenes to see this vision become a reality for our church family and community.

More Presense
Jabez recognized the importance of God's presence when He asked for God's hand to be with him in 1 Chronicles 4:10. Our mission at Turning Point is to see people experience a relationship with Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Not only must we remain open to the presence of God in our worship gatherings, but we will be intentional about setting aside time and space for God to revive and refresh us in His presence. Revival services will take place in September to allow us to experience God's presence, revival, miracles, and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.

More Outreach

Thanks to the generosity of our Banquet of Hope partners, we will be launching Impact Ministry Trailer #2. This Ministry trailer will partner with local elementary schools to provide brand new clothing to students in need in the school system. It will travel monthly to different schools to provide students the opportunity to receive new clothing. These students will be identified by the school counselors. Due to privacy for the students, this outreach will not be shared on social media.

Feed the City is a new yearly event held during Thanksgiving that provides Thanksgiving food baskets to families in the community. Turkeys and other Thanksgiving staple items. Saturday, November 18, 2023.

Impact Outreach Center will be a 5,000 sq. ft. new construction that will house all outreach supplies, equipment, and will be the site for all yearly community outreaches such as the Wayne County Toy Drive. Constructed on Turning Point’s property.

In 2022, we nearly tripled our outreach and number of families that we reach but we are in serious need of facilities to hold the items.

Estimated cost for Impact Warehouse is $350,000.00.

More Territory
More Territory

Turning Point recently purchased the adjoining 28 acres on South Palm Street to provide more territory for more ministry. We are excited to share further developments with you at our Vision Night on Thursday, March 2 at Coastal Pines College.

On Easter Sunday 2022, Turning Point Brunswick opened up our newly remodeled facility at 139 Dees Drive in Brunswick. We were given the opportunity to remodel the facility with an agreement to have a year with no lease in exchange for the remodel. The owner of the property has graciously extended the free lease until September 2023. During this time, we are praying and believing God for $100,000 so that we can purchase the facility by the end of September 2023.  This would allow the church to have an asset in Brunswick as we continue to grow, expand, and believe God for new, larger territory in Brunswick.

Turning Point is proud to partner with Lilly and the Sparrow as we pay to provide a  yearly salary for Pastor Maricel Otero in Peru. Pastor Marciel helps to stop human trafficking before it starts,  works with survivors, and ministers to the local community in Peru.